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How the Tom Arnold Diet Changed His Life

Tom Arnold didn’t follow any particular diet strategy during his 100-pound weight loss transformation – but stuck to several general rules of thumb.

Tom is still a working performer and stand-up comedian so he was always on the road throughout his weight loss transformation.
Here’s an example of how Tom structured his diet between eating out at various establishments around the planet and having his wife cook tasty home-cooked meals when he was at home.

Tom Arnold Diet Strategy


Tom would constantly make sure he had some sort of fruit to begin his day to supercharge his energy levels and jumpstart his metabolism.

When Tom was on the road he’d frequently purchase oatmeal with a big side of fruit. This was his go-to meal when he was ordering breakfast in his hotel room since most resorts had oatmeal and fresh fruit.

On days when Tom was pressed for time, he purchased a protein powder and also would make an easy chocolate whey protein shake and have a slice of fruit along with it.

This made breakfast suitable for Tom when he was pressed for time and touring around the world.

When Tom was at home his wife would cook a tasty breakfast consisting of scrambled egg whites topped with fresh chopped avocado. It is a filling and nutritious breakfast and was his “go-to” when he was at home.

Late Morning Snacks:

Tom says that one of the greatest changes he made in his diet was his selection of snacks.

Snacking was extremely simple for Tom regardless of his agenda or where he was because he’d constantly be prepared and have portioned bags of assorted nuts along with him.

Tom’s favorite was the 100-calorie packs of chocolate almonds – and he’d also have cashews regularly.

On days when Tom did not have combined nuts, he’d choose a little piece of protein to feed his metabolism and match it with an apple, banana, or some grapes.


Lunch would change for Tom depending on where he was at the time, but the most essential thing he did during his astonishing weight los transformation was swapping the normal hamburger, chips, and pop for a salad with a lean protein alternative.

Tom attempted to remove as much bread as possible – and this made a remarkable effect on his fat loss and energy levels.

It was not difficult for Tom to discover tasty salads all around the world and he’d top his salads with tasty lean proteins such as salmon, tuna, broiled chicken, and chopped sirloin steak.
Tom was also quite aware of the salad dressing he’d use. This meant no ranch dressing, blue cheese, and other oily salad dressings. Tom would be certain to purchase lower-calorie salad dressings, and when he was at home would use Walden Farms calorie free salad dressing line.

Lunchtime Snacks:

Due to Tom’s work agenda many days he’d cut a late afternoon snack completely – but on days when he did have one he normally went with a fruit smoothie and added a scoop of vanilla protein.

The smoothie-helped foster Tom’s energy levels on long work days when touring and working on film sets.

One thing that Tom incorporated into his late-day regimen was supplementing with the weight loss and metabolism booster Keto.

This helped control his desire even further and significantly enhanced his energy levels.


Tom was quite aware of removing carbs late at night – so would stick to a lot of salads and lean proteins late through the night.

When Tom was back home his trainer made sure that he ate lots of protein and removed virtually all carb consumption after 7 Pm. This meant many dinners consisted of broiled chicken, pork chops, and Tom’s favorite – thin grass-fed steak.

To add some delectable flavor Tom would top protein free of sugar, add hot sauce, and sometimes fresh chopped avocado.

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