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Megan Fox Swears By The Paleo Diet For Weight Loss

Megan Fox

As many have seen, Megan Fox has had baby number two. Soon following, Megan was prepared to lose her baby fat. Megan credits her incredibly rapid transformation to her new dieting plan; The Paleo Diet. Today we go in depth with the Megan Fox diet.

What’s the Paleo Megan Fox Diet System?

The Paleo Diet Plan relies on what folks call the “caveman diet.” Meaning you’re just designed to eat foods that will have been accessible to cavemen. For example, anything you can eat from hunting, planting, and gathering. This essentially removes all processed foods from your diet plan and ensures you’re simply eating natural, healthful things.

Foods That Are Permitted

In interviews Megan Fox was said to swear off bread, pasta, and other carbs from her diet, they don’t follow the guidelines of the Paleo Diet. Megan replaced carbs with fruits and vegetables which are all sourced from nature and stocked up on lots of meats, fish, and poultry for her strategy.

How the Paleo Diet Works

Megan Fox Body

There’s no calorie counting on the Paleo diet. Users are motivated to eat as much as they want. The reality that you simply quit consuming processed foods will cause your body to drop weight like crazy. No more pops, no more sweets, no more crap.

Fruits, vegetables, and meats are filling sources of fuel and energy and this increases the likelihood of weight loss since they’re also readily digested and processed by the body – one thing that Megan Fox has kept and instilled as a practice not only for herself but for her whole family.

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