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Miranda Lambert Shares Her Diet Plan

Miranda Lambert speaks about her tremendous weight loss challenge

Star country singer Miranda Lambert recently wowed people at the Country Music awards by showing up with a slender and fit body. Miranda went from a size 8 to a size 6 and was stunning at the CMT Awards. Believe it or not, Miranda didn’t follow that stringent of a diet regimen during her weight loss transformation and even kept her 2 favorite vices on her day-to-day menu (Cheetos and Vodka.) Without Keto, she’s certain she wouldn’t have been so successful.

Miranda says that her way of dieting was different than most folks. She stated that she loves life too much to torture herself just eating veggies and lean protein. Miranda made a few large substitutions to her diet so she could still take pleasure in the things she loved the most.

Miranda lately shared a typical day of eating during her weight loss transformation. A few of the things she still ate may shock you – but she says that she was still eating fewer calories than her diet before. By not consuming a high-calorie breakfast and swapping it out for a nutritional-rich veggie beverage she managed to cut back almost 300 calories per day – which was a tremendous catalyst to her going from a size 8 to a size 6.

Let’s dive in and look at an average day of eating for Miranda Lambert.


Miranda Lambert's Diet Plan
Miranda Lambert’s Amazing Weight Loss Transformation

Breakfast was the largest substitution for Miranda. Miranda use to indulge first thing in the morning with high calorie breakfast meals that consisted of eggs, toast, potatoes, bacon, and occasionally-even pancakes.

The star says that she removed all high-calorie breakfast foods from her diet so she could appreciate more delightful foods much later in the day (and of course preserve room for her favorite snack – Cheetos.)

Miranda started off her day now with a nutritional power station comprising of a vegetable and fruit drink. She’d make sure the beverage had mainly all vegetables and also would sweeten it with apple, pineapple, or strawberry.

Miranda says that she went for antioxidant-abundant veggies like kale, spinach, celery, broccoli, and carrots. These beverages just included about 100 calories and had all her vital vitamins and minerals for the day. Most importantly due to all of the fiber from the vegetables, this beverage helped keep her complete.

Late Morning Snack:

Miranda would keep her snacks quite healthy. This meant generally a little portion of flavored almonds (chocolate was her favorite), a slice of fruit, and her go-to metabolism booster – Keto!


For lunch, Miranda made sure to get rid of bread and swapped out her turkey and cheese sandwiches for tasty salads. If she consumed carbohydrates during lunch it was just from her salad dressing and sometimes a slice of fruit.

Miranda said that she loved Asian chicken salads the most during her diet and managed to find them in pretty much every city across America. Miranda made a rule that she’d just have lower-calorie salad dressing so she made sure to read the food labels of everything she ate and made it a rule to keep it under 50 calories per 2 tablespoons.

She’d top her salads with fresh grilled chicken or salmon. Her typical lunches would more often than not include fresh greens and lean proteins. On days when she was still hungry, she’d have a couple of mixed nuts or raw almond butter.

Afternoon Snack:

Daytime snacks were the one meal that Miranda says that she’d indulge a little. On most days she’d decide on a bag of Cheetos but kept her portions in check. This meant that although she was eating Cheetos she’d ensure not to surpass 300 calories worth. This kept her daily calorie totals at a shortage enabling her to still slim down fast.


Miranda would love filling dinners so she wouldn’t awaken starving since she was just drinking vegetable and fruit juice. Miranda says that lots of nights she and ex-hubby, Blake, would go out to dinner.

The singer would ensure that she’d eat wholesome food, and not get carried away with dessert. Miranda would stick with lean cuts of steak, seafood, and grilled chicken. She’d love carbs like rice and potatoes but would ensure not to eat the bread they served at each of the eateries.

When Miranda Lambert and ex-hubby Blake Shelton were outside at dinner she’d generally skip dessert so she could love one of her favorite vices of all time – Vodka! Miranda says the Vodka helped her sleep if she sipped it with her dinner she wouldn’t crave desserts.

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