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Miranda Lambert Weight Loss Secret Revealed!


Country singer Miranda Lambert lately went from a size 8 to a size 6 and lost an unbelievable amount of weight. Miranda Lambert was stuck at a size 8 for several years but recently made a decision to make several healthful lifestyle changes. Miranda showed up at the Country Music Awards with a slim and toned body appearing more intense than ever. Today we learn the secrets of the Miranda Lambert weight loss routine.

Ex-hubby Blake Shelton told reporters that Miranda has been a huge inspiration and says that he made a few healthful changes to his lifestyle to help push Miranda and be a great influence to her.

Believe it or not Miranda Lambert didn’t give up all her vices during her weight loss transformation. For one Miranda is an absolute fanatic of Cheetos and insisted that she enjoyed them too much to give them up on her diet.

Miranda says she “enjoys living” and that she won’t give up her favorite things even when on a diet. This implies that you do not have to torture yourself even when dieting and if you make a few healthful lifestyle changes you can still love your favorite vices – because we all have ‘em!

Since Miranda knew that she did not need to remove Cheetos from her diet she removed bread and all gluten. Since removing gluten and bread from her diet her energy levels have sky rocketed and she has more energy to visit the fitness center.

Miranda Lambert Weight Loss Secret Disclosed!

Miranda has an extremely extreme work agenda as a star vocalist and that meant she had quite minimal time to reach the fitness center for workouts. This changed when the star singer’s levels went through the roofing about 2 weeks after removing bread and gluten.

The typical turkey and cheese sandwich was replaced with tasty all-natural springtime salads topped with mandarin oranges and fresh chicken breast. Miranda’s favorite salad during her diet was the Asian chicken salad made out of a low calorie sesame ginger dressing.

Blake Miranda

Miranda says that she really began craving these salads about an hour after breakfast and won’t ever return to the sandwich and chips lunch lifestyle. Miranda says that salads give you incredible versatility when on a diet as there are hundreds of distinct combinations you can select from between the greens, protein alternatives and all the low calorie salad dressings.

When at home Miranda would shop at Whole foods and consistently have a supply of low calorie salad dressings on hand so she could whip up a salad fast. Miranda doesn’t appreciate vegetables by themselves unless they’re in a salad using a dressing she enjoys or by themselves with ranch dressing or cheese. Since salads are a lot fitter and much more filling this was the star singer go to meal during her astonishing weight loss transformation.

Another wholesome substitution that Miranda made in her diet was instead of drinking coffee first thing in the morning she changed to a vegetable packed juice. This veggie stuffed juice was filled with a lot of vitamins to package her body full of energy boosting nutrients.

Miranda says this substitution alone helped transform the star singer’s well-being and look. By changing from the star singer’s normal coffee and high calorie breakfast comprising of eggs, bacon and toast for a nutritious stuffed veggie juice she managed to stave off late morning cravings and reduce her daily calories.

Most importantly she was placing the most healthful food on the planet in her body 1st thing in the morning. The star singer’s vegetable beverages would have a medley of fresh veggies like kale, spinach, cucumber, broccoli, beets, and apple to sweeten the beverage.

Miranda’s other activities that helped with her weight loss journey

Miranda isn’t a tremendous fan of working out so she needed to integrate intelligent methods to get her cardio in. The star jogs occasionally and works out with a trainer but will sometimes trick her body when she feels burnt out on typical cardio.

Ms. Lambert will go horseback riding or take a walk in the woods with Hubby Blake as these are activities that she truly loves and it does not feel like exercise. The celebrity says that doing cardio associated activities that she really loved helped her to remain inspired and do something energetic on days that she didn’t wish to.

She also isn’t a huge fan of taking any form of nutritional supplements besides a multi vitamin but was encouraged from her good buddy to attempt the all-natural metabolism booster Keto to assist with cravings and hunger.

Miranda says that she tried the pill for several weeks and fell in love with all the increase of energy and decreased hunger. Most importantly this pill was all natural so Miranda didn’t feel like she was placing stimulants or dangerous pills into her body.

Miranda managed to go from a size 8 to a size 6 only by making a number of healthful lifestyle changes which enabled her to still have her 2 favorite vices (Cheetos and Vodka).

Losing weight is really all about compromise – which means removing a number of bad habits so that you can nevertheless take pleasure in the things you like the most!

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