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Tom Arnold Weight Loss: How He Achieved His Ideal Body

Comedian and celebrity Tom Arnold recently underwent an incredible weight loss transformation, managing to lose 100 pounds in just one year. This is undoubtedly one of the most remarkable celebrity transformation stories of the year, serving as an inspiring weight loss journey.

With a career spanning over 20 years and appearances in more than 100 films, Tom Arnold’s recent pictures depict a fit and slender 55-year-old who embodies excellent well-being.

During a recent flight, Tom shared a story in which someone approached him, expressing their love for his work on the hit TV show Sons of Anarchy. The woman seated next to them had to take a closer look before recognizing that it was indeed Tom Arnold. This incident highlighted the extent of Tom’s weight loss, with people who had seen him in numerous films failing to recognize him.

Hard work does pay off

Tom’s transformation is a testament to his hard work and determination, resulting in a remarkable 100-pound weight loss achievement. The primary motivation behind this incredible transformation? According to Tom, it was his desire to be healthy for his wife and sons, which served as a significant catalyst.

Furthermore, Tom was facing several health issues that had become a cause for concern at his age, serving as a strong wake-up call.

Tom Arnold Before and After

Tom’s blood pressure has significantly improved, now measuring at a healthy 120/80 compared to the previous 180/120.
As a result, his physician was able to discontinue several medications, including those for sleep apnea.

Tom reveals that he used to make “pig snorts” while sleeping and suffered from severe sleep apnea. It was to the extent that he felt embarrassed to travel or fly on airplanes.

It’s quite astonishing to think that this man, whose profession involves performing in front of a live audience and camera, struggled with such health issues.

Motivated to change his life, Tom embarked on an incredible weight loss transformation.

How The Tom Arnold Weight Loss Strategy Worked

A year ago, during Tom’s physical examination, he weighed in at 32 percent body fat and 287 pounds. Fast forward one year, and Tom’s weight dropped significantly to 11 percent body fat and 187 pounds! This achievement is truly incredible and serves as a testament to his unwavering commitment, dedicated workout routine, and disciplined diet.

One of the major changes Tom implemented was reducing his smoking habit as much as possible and eliminating alcohol from his diet. However, this was just one of many modifications he made to his eating habits.

Considering his frequent travel for work, maintaining a healthy diet posed the greatest challenge for Tom.

To tackle this, Tom started opting for fresh, organic salads topped with his preferred sources of protein instead of the usual burger and chips he used to consume on the road.

To satisfy his burger cravings, Tom would occasionally indulge in extra-lean, grass-fed beef, which not only provides exceptional nutrients but also helps in preserving lean muscle mass.

Tom Arnold

Tom also made the decision to eliminate several of his favorite desserts from his lifestyle, particularly those from the Cheesecake Factory. These cheesecakes had been a weakness for him throughout his life, and he admits that giving them up was the most challenging part of his dietary changes.

Having a supporting partner can help

Fortunately, Tom’s wife played a significant role in supporting him during this journey. She prepared delicious low-calorie alternatives to satisfy his sweet tooth. Tom would enjoy these treats with sugar-free pancake syrup during his cheat meals and quickly became a big fan of high-protein pancakes.

According to Tom, the key is to find healthier alternatives to replace the unhealthy foods you used to consume and to be creative in the process. One of his main strategies was to avoid consuming carbohydrates late at night in order to accelerate his weight loss.

Tom’s trainer educated him on the benefits of consuming carbs earlier in the day, as they are less likely to be stored as body fat. As a result, Tom made an effort to have most of his carbohydrate intake in the morning and afternoon.

In the evenings, Tom focused on consuming substantial and satisfying portions of fish, chicken, and lean beef. To keep himself feeling full, he incorporated plenty of fresh vegetables into his meals and emphasized high-fiber foods throughout the day, including sweet potatoes, oatmeal, quinoa, and mixed nuts.

His Dieting Secrets

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Tom primarily relied on bodyweight exercises and a cardio workout routine during his weight loss journey, considering his frequent travel commitments.

Whenever Tom was at home, he would enlist the help of his trainer to guide him through cardio sessions and bodyweight training.

During his travels, Tom would typically perform cardio exercises at the hotel he was staying in. Despite his busy schedule, he was able to maintain a consistent workout routine, exercising 3-4 days a week throughout the entire year. This dedication and consistency played a significant role in triggering his successful weight loss transformation.

During his weight loss transformation, the only supplements that Tom incorporated into his routine were a quality omega-3 supplement and a Keto supplement. The Keto supplement, recommended by his physician, served as a natural metabolism booster that helped reduce cravings and hunger.

Tom became aware of the benefits of the Keto supplement through one of his friends who had successfully lost weight and experienced increased energy levels while using it. Intrigued, Tom decided to give it a try.

According to Tom, the Keto supplement not only aided in boosting his metabolism but also helped in reducing his cravings for sugary foods throughout the day.

By eliminating detrimental dietary habits, engaging in bodyweight exercises, performing cardio workouts 3-4 times a week, and seeking low-calorie alternatives to his favorite foods, Tom Arnold managed to achieve rapid weight loss.

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