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Wow! Austin “Chumlee” Russell 100 Pound Weight Loss!

Austin “Chumlee” Russell, the star of the hit TV show “Pawn Stars” went through one of the most dramatic and effective weight loss transformations of 2014. Austin watched his good buddy Corey “Big Hoss” Harrison drop nearly 200 pounds, and chose to join his buddy and began taking his health and fitness a whole lot more seriously. Chumlee started at close to 320 pounds when he chose to begin the weight-loss regimen and is now down to a lean 225 pounds! You’re probably wondering: Just how was all the weight lost by Chumlee? Well, here is his story!

Austin “Chumlee” 100-pound weight-loss story

Chumlee’s main rule during this transformation was that he was going to do everything in moderation. This meant no more binge-eating of pizza, cakes, brownies, ice cream, and hamburgers. He managed to allow himself to have one “cheat meal” per week, however, he would still ensure that it remained in moderation. View Chumlee’s entire 7-day meal plan here! This once-per-week cheat meal would include no processed ingredients. If he was going to indulge in something high in calories and sugar it wasn’t going to be processed and he was going to make sure that it remains in moderation.

Chumlee says that he removed all processed foods from his diet except for Mustard! Removing processed foods and keeping everything in moderation played a remarkable part in Chumlee’s weight loss because he managed to skyrocket his energy levels, which resulted in him working out more. Along with Chumlee’s energy levels going through the roof, he determined he needed to hit the fitness center to supercharge his results.Chumlee Happy Chumlee says that seeing nearly 200 pounds lost by his friend by visiting the fitness center proved to be his biggest motivation, and this shows that it’s always better to slim down together with a buddy to push and inspire each other.

Chumlee’s Workouts

Weekly, Chumlee would lift weights three times, which mainly consisted of machine exercises. Chumlee set an emphasis on a full body workout The other three days Chumlee would perform cardio for 20-30 minutes while switching off between walking on the treadmill at an incline, and doing the stair master. Chumlee additionally had a “secret” smoothie in the morning that he says not only did it raise his energy levels but also his well-being. This smoothie consisted of carrot, apple, pineapple, and kale. This gave him his daily supply of each of the essential vitamins and nutrients while optimizing his well-being, which turned his body into a weight loss machine.

As for nutritional supplements Chumlee completely relied on Keto – which is a 100 percent all-natural pill. Chumlee stated he needed an all-natural guide and needed to avoid anything that was stimulant established. Chumlee says the Keto quickened his weight loss immediately and helped to reduce his desire to binge eat. This makes sense since Keto features something called HCA, which plays an important role in helping metabolize carbs and fat cells. And that is just how Chumlee managed to drastically lose nearly 100 pounds! No rocket science, fad diets, or dangerous nutritional supplements here – only several healthful lifestyle changes and an all-natural fat burner by the name of Keto.

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